Meredith Van Natta

Meredith Van Natta is a doctoral candidate in medical sociology at the University of California, San Francisco. She explores how uncertainty around health and immigration policy shapes the health decisions of immigrants living in the U.S.

After completing a master’s degree at UC Berkeley, Meredith worked as a case manager and planning and evaluation specialist at Operation Access, a non-profit that provides donated surgical and specialty care to low-income, uninsured Bay Area residents. This work drew her to the sociology program at UCSF, where she continues to explore the intersecting impacts of health and immigration policies. While at UCSF, Meredith has also been a research assistant for the HEALSS study examining health literacy in complex care management programs in the safety net. She can be contacted at



Keywords: immigrant health; citizenship; biopolitics; health inequalities;

science, medicine, and technology studies



Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology
University of California, San Francisco


Master of Arts, Latin American Studies
University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts, History & Latin American Studies
University of Kansas



Professional Experience

Lan Do and Associates, LLC
Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CCHI)

Operation Access
Planning & Evaluation Specialist
(Previously Program Coordinator & Program Specialist)    



Skills & Languages

Qualitative Research

Grounded Theory

Mixed Methods







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Zimmer, Zachary and Meredith Van Natta. 2016. “Migration and Left-Behind Households in Rural Cambodia: Structure and Socio-economic Conditions.” Phnom Penh, Cambodia: UNFPA and National Institute of Statistics.


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